This story began 20 years ago when Vladislav Djatšuk arrived to Riquewihr village in France and fell in love.

A late summer night, the warmth that makes You blush, and endless vineyards, that vanish into the sunset at a distance. A deep breath in – and the aroma of different spices and ripe, juicy fruits, reaches him.

He fell in love with that moment when time stopped, and only the sensation that took his breath mattered. It was Vlad’s first-ever trip abroad and his first-ever chef practice. Endless hours of learning, trial, and error, but one thing was clear from the beginning – French cuisine had won his heart!

“PÄRIS is my memory of life and work in France!

„I got to know French cuisine, which is, in my opinion, the basis of gastronomy; I learned how to hold a chef’s knife correctly and how to use spices and season food! I now want to go back in time, when everything started for me, go back to the bygone era – an era when French cuisine was still something unprecedented and beyond reach.”

Vladislav Djatsuk, Chef de Cuisine

„PÄRIS is made with love and soul. The best emotions born from simple moments! PÄRIS is real, honest and full of freshness, excitement and enjoyment. Enjoy the most PÄRIS (read: REAL) moments and flavours with us!

PÄRIS team

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